Monday, May 24, 2010

L.A. Girls Trip!!!!

So over Christmas all of us girl cousins decided it had been way to long since we had all gotten together and that we needed to plan a much needed girls trip...
The 1st night: we arrived in SlC I think we all got a pretty good idea of just how WILD this trip was going to be, from the moment Autumn discovered at dinner, she'd left her wallet in Vernal (with her ID and money in it, kinda important when traveling) to having a dance party in the Wendy's parking lot, to finding some AWESOME headbands that we were sure would come in useful later in the trip, to sleeping in the next morning and almost missing our plane....can you just say "tonight's gonna be a good, good night!"

and we're off..................sunny California here we come........

Day 2: We went to the Huntington Museum, it was beautiful and so peaceful...or it was until we all showed up, I think this was Melissa's first glance at just what she was in for, for the next week :) don't worry we broke her in good!

Day 3: We hit HOLLYWOOD!, a cute little Farmer's Market and the Kodak Theater.

Breakfast at the Farmer's Market (soooo fun)

Let's just call this wanna-be-rebel night (we found these fake little cigarettes at the farmer's market, we use to make our Grandma buy them for us at 7-11 all the time when we were kids) and somehow it led to this, bull riding and fake tatoo's. What I would like to know is who makes candy like this??? and if in the future any of our kids ever read this... I said FAKE!!!!

(Alisha won the bull riding tournament)

Day 4: Was spent at La Playa...then Rodeo Dr. and a trip to the Psychic, Shanelle :)
(doesn't this cute pic. of my sis look like it could be a book cover?)

Rodeo Dr.

Day 5: was da da da dah....ELLEN and Warner Brothers Studio Lot (where my cuz' works and why we got VIP treatment)

our VIP tickets to ELLEN! (oh yeah baby) and yes had even got our 15 sec. of fame :)

"Friends" set!

Yes!!! we saw some Stars (Justin's crush from The Big Bang Theory)
***note to self: in the future do NOT take picture with skinny actress AND skinny sister EVER again!!!

"Gran Torino" (Vernal's first Hollywood Star, this car came from our home town)

Our last night: we got all dressed up for dinner together, too bad our waiter wasn't very amused (actually he thought we were drunk... the first thing he said to us was "looks like we're having drinks tonight") ha ha ha, doesn't he realize us Utah girls don't even need that to have F.U.N. and a huge shout out to Melissa's sweet husband (okay he may have needed a drink or two) who braved hanging out with us this night, and who got kicked out of his house for a few days, and who endured us crazy's for the rest of the days after he got home!!!

our waiter...Logan who by the end of the night loved us ;) kinda!~

All in all, we had a great time bonding and it was just what we all needed. A LITTLE bit of SILLY..., ALOT of CRAZY..., and the most FUN we have all had in a LONG time!!!

p.s. and for those of you (and you know who you are...) who we swore to that we would not expose some "certain pictures" from a "certain night". Just remember we have black mail material, if ever needs be :) :) :)